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ABreathAway Memorials

Experiment - Background color suggestions


The color used for the design on our Samples page is indicated by an asterisk (*)

Design Suggested Background Colors
1 Tea Roses
2 Meditative. Rose
3 White Lilacs
4 Roses and Lace
5 Pastels
6 Three Roses
7 Dancing Rose
8 Wall of Roses
9 Roses are Red
10 Rose Bouquet
11 Rose Profusion
light-medium colors*
D4 many colors
I1* E2 G4 S5 C3 H3
G3* J3 K5 M3 G5
A5 B4 B5 many colors
many colors
H3 H4 H5 C4
many colors
light colors
I1 I5
31 'Love' Violets
32 Lotus and Tigerlilies
33 Waterlilies
34 Bonzai
35 Sunflowers
36 Dogwood
37 Posey
38 Twirling Blue Flwrs
39 Irises
40 Floral Graffiti
41 Still Life
A3 light-medium colors
C3 E2 G5 medium colors
A4* A2 A1 light-medium colors
J5 I1 B1 C2 Q2
H5 I1 I2
A2 R2 G3 C2
E3 H4 A2 C5
N1* many colors
F5 F4 D2 many
C3 G4 M2 S2
60 Pyramids - Egypt
61 Ocean
62 Waterfall
63 Pond and Stream
64 Birch Forest
65 Serenity
66 Elk and Waterfalls
67 Craggy Mountain
68 Rainforest
69 Mountain Field
70 Seaside Retreat
71 Fishing
G3 A4
G2* C4
G4 H2 S3 S4
H2 B3
E2 B2 G5 D3
C5* G3*
G4 L1 A4
E2* D3
A3 H2
H3* I1
H1* B5 G4 H2
D5* D4 C5
91 Garden Path
92 Piano
93 Flickering Candle
94 Starry Night
95 Night Sky
96 Hazy Sky
97 Lavendar Sky
98 Blue Sky
99 Sunrise
100 Sunset
101 Aurora Borealis 101
102 Aurora Borealis 102
G2* L2
L3* many colors
F2 L2 L3
C2 C4 I1
N1 I4 many dark colors
I4* N1 many dark colors
120 American Flag - bright
121 Three Roses Flag
122 American Flag - subdued
123 Flag with Roses
124 Flag with Dove
125 Flag at 45
126 'Love' Flag
127 Hearts 'n Flag
128 Child's Flag
A1* G1 many colors
A1 G1 many colors
A1 G1 many colors
G1 A1
I1 R2 U2
L2* A1 A4 G1
150 Angeli
151 Lavendar Angel
152 Angels-Open Door
153 Cherubs
154 Hands
155 Dove and Hands
156 Purple Angels
157 Candles
158 Friends
159 Lace and Heart
H2* H1
A1 A2 A4 L1 L2
B1* D1
B2* G2 G5 H4
B5* B4 G3
A2* C5 A4
F1 T1 T2 T3
B3 B4 U1 U2 R1 R2 S1 S2
C1* D1
181 Flight
182 Peace Dove
183 Three Dove
184 Butterfly
185 Bells
R3* any medium-dark color
C2* B2
R3* many medium-dark colors
C5* D3 many medium-dark colors
200 Peace/Love
201 Love
202 Dearly Beloved
203 Peace
204 Language of Peace
205 Dove of Peace
206 Peace/Justice
white* medium colors
any color
any color
any light-medium color
Color panel
'Show me
this design'
Not clickable.
row A specl 11 specl 12 specl 13 specl 14 specl 15 row B specl 21 specl 22 specl 23 specl 24 specl 25 row C specl 31 specl 32 specl 33 specl 34 specl 35 row D specl 41 specl 42 specl 43 specl 44 specl 45 row E specl 51 specl 52 specl 53 specl 54 specl 55 row F specl 61 specl 62 specl 63 specl 64 specl 65 row G specl 71 specl 72 specl 73 specl 74 specl 75 row H specl 81 specl 82 specl 83 specl 84 specl 85 row I specl 91 specl 92 specl 93 specl 94 specl 95 row J gray 1 gray 2 gray 3 gray 4 gray 5/black row K aqua 1 aqua 2 aqua 3 aqua 4 aqua 5 row L lavendar 1 lavendar 2 lavendar 3 lavendar 4 lavendar 5 row M rose 1 rose 2 rose 3 rose 4 rose 5 row N yellow 1 yellow 2 yellow 3 yellow 4 yellow 5 row O green 1 green 2 green 3 green 4 green 5 row P pink 1 pink 2 pink 3 pink 4 pink 5 row Q lime 1 lime 2 lime 3 lime 4 lime 5 row R blue 1 blue 2 blue 3 blue 4 blue 5 row S oran 1 oran 2 oran 3 oran 4 oran 5 row T purp 1 purp 2 purp 3 purp 4 purp 5 row U grass 1 grass 2 grass 3 grass 4 grass 5 numbers
special colors A
special colors B
special colors C
special colors D
special colors E
special colors F
special colors G
special colors H
special colors I
gray/black bar
aqua bar
lavender bar
rose bar
yellow bar
green bar
pink bar
lime bar
blue bar
oran bar
purp bar
grass bar

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