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ABreathAway Memorials

Frequently Asked Questions

I want a song other than the ones you have available. Is this possible?
Let us know the Title and Composer and we will look into the possibility of including it as one of our music choices. We are always open to suggestions on music, design, format, etc. The memorial you create is for the benefit and comfort of you and your family and friends. We merely provide the web space and otherwise facilitate your creation.

Why was my tribute remark rejected?
The following is directly from our Memorials / General Info page: "We reserve the right to refuse content that is disrespectful to any person, place, or religion. This Web site welcomes memorials for people of all religious beliefs. You may make your beloved's memorial page as sacred or as secular as you wish."
Perhaps your submission was rejected in error. If you feel it contains appropriate content, please resubmit. If we, or the Page Administrator, still find it unacceptable, we will send you an explanation.

Can 4 photographs be grouped together at the top of the page?
You should identify one as the 'main' photo to be placed at the top of the page between Attributes and Favorite Things. Through our Online Ordering System you will be able to connect additional photos with specific documents, group them together, or spread them throughout the documents.

Can we convert a public page to private?
Certainly. If you are the Page Administrator for a memorial page, make this change through the Online Ordering System: Select 'Order' sub-tab, select 'Online Ordering System' link, then follow prompts until you reach the 'Menu options' screen where you will select 'Update' beside the Memorial in question. Change the public/private designation, and enter a password if changing to private.

Are you the same Exover from whom I once ordered a needlework chart?
Yes. However, we have dropped the charting section of our company. Our antique (1983) equipment has been 'put out to pasture'. We apologize for any inconvenience to our charting customers, many of whom have produced 'walls' of needlework photos of family members over the years.

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Exover was established in 1983 and was a leading producer of quality computerized needlework charts. This web site was established in 2005 and includes ABreathAway online Memorials, ABreathAway online Candles (Perpetual, Short-term, free Daily), ABreathAway Gifts, and Milestone Events and Gifts.

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Online memorials and commemorative candles; gifts for either.

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ABreathAway Memorials
Experience the comfort of an online memorial or candles commemorating a beloved person or pet; choose from hundreds of memorial designs; gift certificate sympathy card; music and video optional; light a candle Daily (free), or light a Perpetual or Short-term candle. Enjoy gifts designed to provide comfort and reassurance.
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