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ABreathAway Memorials

Experiment - MUSIC

Soon we will be adding new selections to these music choices. Meanwhile, feel free to choose one of our creations below whic will always be available.

Click a title below to play. Please allow time for music to load. All music was adapted by Exover.

ARIA from "Don Juan" by Wolfgang Mozart
EVENING PRAYER from "Hansel and Gretel" by Engelbert Humperdinck
Theme from the Overture of ROMEO AND JULIET by Peter Tschaikowsky
PRELUDE Opus.28 No. 7 by Frederic Chopin
PRELUDE Opus.28 No. 20 by Frederic Chopin

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Exover was established in 1983 and was a leading producer of quality computerized needlework charts. This web site was established in 2005 and includes ABreathAway online Memorials, ABreathAway online Candles (Perpetual, Short-term, free Daily), ABreathAway Gifts, and Milestone Events and Gifts.

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Online memorials and commemorative candles; gifts for either.

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ABreathAway Memorials
Experience the comfort of an online memorial or candles commemorating a beloved person or pet; choose from hundreds of memorial designs; gift certificate sympathy card; music and video optional; light a candle Daily (free), or light a Perpetual or Short-term candle. Enjoy gifts designed to provide comfort and reassurance.
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