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ABreathAway Memorials

General Information

Create an online memorial to commemorate the life of a loved one. Experience the surprising comfort!

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Memorials for children - free for a limited time.

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Honor a loved one
Their spirit may be free from this earthly journey, but they are alive in our memories. Their path now takes them wherever our faith predicts. Through the memorials on this Web site, those dear to us can live more fully in our memories and in the memories of those who follow.

Existing Memorials

Subtabs above allow access to published Adult, Child, and Pet memorials. Once a memorial page has been published, visitors may add their own personal tributes, subject to the approval of the Page Administrator (person who creates and maintains a memorial). A memorial page may be public or private (password required), and Lifetime or Annual (yearly fee). Mutts are welcome on the Pet pages.

Create a Memorial

We invite you to join our growing family of Page Administrators by Creating a Memorial to honor a departed loved one. Our 'Try before you Buy' feature guarantees your satisfaction before you pay! Changes can be made at any time, even after the memorial has been published.

Choose one of our favorite design Samples or create your own unique design using our interactive Experiment (with design) page that allows over 100 colors and over 60 designs - caution: this page can become addictive! The version accessible through Create, Update, Order has the added advantage of allowing design around a previously uploaded photo of the honoree!

Information on a memorial is at the discretion of the Page Administrator; we suggest including at least a name, city of residence, birth and death dates, and photo. A memorial may contain a poem, story, biography, eulogy, obituary, genealogy, special tribute, description of the Honoree (their Qualities and Passions), connections to friends and relatives also on ABreathAway, links to other sites with info about the honoree, a video, and just about anything else you wish to include.

We recommend submitting as much information online as your computer will allow, even when paying by mail.

Memorial Costs