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Current page is Candles Home/General Information

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ABreathAway Candles

General Information

Light a Daily candle while you're online - free,
light a Short-term or Perpetual candle for a one time fee.

Select the 'Free Daily' sub-tab above to light a candle today for a person or pet dear to your heart who is deceased, or for a loved one who is experiencing unusual trials in their life today.

Perpetual Candles lit in memory of a deceased loved one, or Short-term Candles lit to help a loved one through a difficult period may also be viewed through the corresponding sub-tabs above.

Short-term candles may be lit for any time period you wish - 2 days to 2 years - and may begin and end on specific days, or begin 'today' and end 'later' on your notification. Perpetual candles will continue to glow online as long as computers rule world. If you want the candle extinguished before that time, just notify us.

We recommend accessing thehungersite.com daily where your free clicks can help fight hunger and breast cancer, as well as protect children and the rain forest.

Candle Price Schedule:
  1 candle.........$ 5.95
  2 candles.......$ 9.95
  3 candles.......$ 12.95
After the first 2 candles,
candles are three dollars
($3) apiece.

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Exover was established in 1983 and was a leading producer of quality computerized needlework charts. This web site was established in 2005 and includes ABreathAway online Memorials, ABreathAway online Candles (Perpetual, Short-term, free Daily), ABreathAway Gifts, and Milestone Events and Gifts.

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Online memorials and commemorative candles; gifts for either.

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ABreathAway Memorials
Experience the comfort of an online memorial or candles commemorating a beloved person or pet; choose from hundreds of memorial designs; gift certificate sympathy card; music and video optional; light a candle Daily (free), or light a Perpetual or Short-term candle. Enjoy gifts designed to provide comfort and reassurance.
http://www.abreathawaymemorials.com   OR   http://www.abamm.com   (representing A Breath Away Me Morials)

last update: November 2009

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