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'Gentian Acaule' by Pierre Leduc

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ABreathAway Memorials

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Exover was established in 1983 and was a leading producer of quality computerized needlework charts. This web site was established in 2005 and includes ABreathAway online Memorials, ABreathAway online Candles (Perpetual, Short-term, free Daily), ABreathAway Gifts, and Milestone Events and Gifts.

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Online memorials and commemorative candles; gifts for either.

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ABreathAway Memorials
Experience the comfort of an online memorial or candles commemorating a beloved person or pet; choose from hundreds of memorial designs; gift certificate sympathy card; music and video optional; light a candle Daily (free), or light a Perpetual or Short-term candle. Enjoy gifts designed to provide comfort and reassurance.
http://www.abreathawaymemorials.com   OR   http://www.abamm.com   (representing A Breath Away Me Morials)

last update: November 2009

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