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ABreathAway Memorials


As an alternative to creating your own design through our interactive 'YOU Design' section, you may select a memorial design from the samples below. Simply indicate the 3 codes (explanation) shown below the design name on the appropriate order screen.

Click any thumbnail below for a partial enlargement.  Tip

Tea Roses design sample Tea Roses design sample Tea Roses design sample Tea Roses design sample
Tea Roses design sample
The 4 thumbnails above and the 2 on either side show some of the many background colors that 'work' with the Tea Roses design. See the Explanation of codes found beneath design names.
Tea Roses design sample
More of our favorite designs:
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Exover was established in 1983 and was a leading producer of quality computerized needlework charts. This web site was established in 2005 and includes ABreathAway online Memorials, ABreathAway online Candles (Perpetual, Short-term, free Daily), ABreathAway Gifts, and Milestone Events and Gifts.

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Serenity design sample Serenity design sample Hazy Sky design sample Mountain Field design sample

Flag at 45 design sample Hands design sample Angels - Open Door design sample Dove and Hands design sample

Aurora Borealis 102 design sample Sunrise design sample Lace and Heart design sample White Lilacs design sample

Flight design sample Craggy Mountain design sample Peace/Love 202 design sample Peace/Love 203 design sample

Cherubs design sample 3Roses Flag design sample Irises design sample Garden Path design sample

Waterlilies design sample Seaside Retreat design sample Piano design sample Pastels - Pastel Roses design sample

Roses and Lace design sample Peace/Love 200 design sample Peace/Love 201 design sample Ocean design sample

Friends design sample Angeli design sample Peace Dove design sample Child's Flag design sample
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TIP:  To see if a photo and a design sample work together, click on the design then hold the photo in front of the now enlarged top portion of the design. Use your browser's back button to return.

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These codes are found beneath the name of each design sample. The left portion of the code is the design number, center is background color, and right is text color

Design number (left code)
If you have visited the 'YOU Design' section, you will recall that each design thumbnail image has an identifying number above it. This is the design number.

Background color (center code)
When you click the 'Show me this Design' button from 'YOU design' the background initially is white. You can change the background by clicking a color in the color grid to the right of the screen.

Rows A - I on the color grid represent colors that are the best compliment for one or more designs. The designation 'C4', for example, represents the forth color in the row labeled C, 'A2' represents the 2nd color in the row labeled A, and so forth.

Each row of Rows J - U on the color grid contains 5 shades of the same 'web-safe' color. 'J1' contains white, while 'J2' - 'J5' are varying shades of gray. Black is located at L5.

Text color (right code)
When you click the 'Show me this Design' button from 'YOU design' the text initially is black. You can change text color by clicking one of the 5 colors at the top of the screen - black, white, blue, light gray, or dark gray.

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Online memorials and commemorative candles; gifts for either.

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ABreathAway Memorials
Experience the comfort of an online memorial or candles commemorating a beloved person or pet; choose from hundreds of memorial designs; gift certificate sympathy card; music and video optional; light a candle Daily (free), or light a Perpetual or Short-term candle. Enjoy gifts designed to provide comfort and reassurance.
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